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Default Re: Top 5 Steelers receivers.

At least everyone can agree on most of the top four. That fifth will be a personal fav. As for mine, Cleve, I grew up with those McDonald's special glasses and special edition I.C. cans would always be around with team pics. I just didn't know who some of the older players were so I felt as a fan I should take some time to learn a little. Think thats why I like this board so much too. Good mix of young and old.

Don't worry still got plenty of love for Weegie, glad he got a mention somehow, but he didn't get enough yards in a career to match some of these guys in one season. Since you're the "new guy" LIG, care to give a little insight to why Frank? Lewis at 5? Saw that and had to figure some good story would be the reason.
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