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Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
I was pretty impressed with the offense this game. 2 90+ yard touchdown drives and really a game winning 90 yard drive. If Sanders wouldn't have been ridiculously held on one of the last plays of the game where he had beat his guy and was streaking into the endzone they would have won, he would have been open. Even when they didn't score they moved the ball well and ran pretty good too. For the first time this year, I have to say the O line did good. They gave Ben good time and when he did get sacked he had had the ball for a while. I'm not saying Ben hangs on to it too long, I'm just saying he had it for a while. Unfortunately, they could have done better on the last drive. Pretty good all around game from the O line though. And I was going to say Arians called a decent game until I saw the draw play, then I hated him again. The only complaint I have about the offense this game is about Spaeth. Horrible. But Miller should be back and that would have made a huge difference this game.
All points are valid but those points don't win us a playoff game.
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