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Default Re: Patriots' Brady sprains foot

Originally Posted by dysthymic View Post
All it takes it 4th grade reading comprehension to know what Ben did. Have someone explain it to you.
Well it should only take 4th Grade Reading and Comprehension to figure out that Ben was not charged criminally which speaks volumes about the supposed rape that occurred. The girl he supposedly assaulted in 2008 at Lake Tahoe is nothing short of a gold digging liar. Her own friends are on court documents stating that she bragged about having sexual relations with Roethlisberger. Sorry but victims of sexual assaults and/or rapes don't go around bragging about it.

The Georgia girl is the same deal. She was following Ben and his group from bar to bar with other members of her sorority all the while wearing a shirt that said "down to ****" on it. I hardly believe that she was raped just based on that information. On top of that the doctor that examined her found no signs of forcible rape. Generally when someone just gets raped they at least try to fight back, apparently though if her story is true she just laid there and let it happen with no struggle involved whatsoever. Even more strange is that her and her family decided not to pursue civil litigation against Ben Roethlisberger. I think if I were that girl's dad and I thought she had been raped I would have surely attempted to hurt Ben Roethlisberger in whatever ways I possibly could. They have no case. This girl had sex with Roethlisberger regretted it and then tried to spin a story to make Ben look bad in light of the first totally outlandish case against him.

The only thing Ben was guilty of was being an idiot and having sexual relations in a public place. Pretty sure millions of other guys do that and no one even bats and eye. In fact most people probably think it's funny or would do it themselves if given the chance to be with a sorority girl.

That's alright though my sad little Pats fan friend. You keep watching Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat week to week. Brag about your three Super Bowl wins all you want but always remember that there's a nice little spygate asterisk next to each and every one of them.

Lastly here's a nice song for you.

Your Beibersexual QB whines like he has a vagina.
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