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Default Re: Let the TO Meltdown Begin

I hate T.O. He is the epitomy of everything I hate about poor sportsmanship. He is a cancer to every single team he has been on and he is the only one that doesn't seem to think so because his ego is so large that it literally blinds him to his own stupidity. The Bungles are nothing short of a group of complete bumbling idiots for bringing T.O. to their team. I have always hated the Bengirls but when they brought in T.O. to play alongside Ochostinko my hatred for them went completely over the top. I will have to admit though that I was actually happy that they brought him in to play for their team because I knew the inevitable outcome was going to be the implosion of the Bungles as a whole. On top of that he harasses Carson Palmer by pissing and moaning after every play in which the ball isn't thrown to him which really brightens my day sometimes.

Watching the Bungles is like watching and episode of Inside American Jail. They bring every washed up criminal retard on to their team and then everyone seems suprised when they fail.
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