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Default Re: Steeeeeeeeeeeeelers 2006 schedule .........

Sep 7 Miami 8:30pm-win,CPepp might not play and if he does he'll be rusty and not 100%

Sep 18 @Jacksonville 8:30pm-They always play us tough.Should be a good one,with Maddox gone we'll win.

Sep 24 Cincinnati 1:00pm-Will Palmer even be back?If so,doubtful he'll be at 100%

Week 4 BYE

Oct 8 @San Diego 8:15pm-Lead by Phillip Rivers,facing the defending Champs.We'll win it,though thier defense will be good I think thier offense will be bad unless Rivers just does awesome.

Oct 15 Kansas City 4:15pm-Good offense,but what defense?Will Bell be in the ice tub by now?

Oct 22 @Atlanta 1:00pm-Doesn't worry me if Vick is at QB.If Shuab is at QB,he could make it interesting.

Oct 29 @Oakland 4:15pm-They suck,we'll crush 'em.They got mega-flop Aaron Brooks at QB for goodness sakes.I'd take Rivers over Brooks.

Nov 5 Denver 4:15pm-Will be a good one,but we'll win it.Pornstache will be having fits against our defense once again.

Nov 12 New Orleans 1:00pm-Even with Brees at the helm,will they be any good?

Nov 19 @Cleveland 1:00pm-It's Cleveland,we'll crush 'em.

Nov 26 @Baltimore 1:00pm-Will Boller be the QB or will McNair be the QB?Either way we'll win.

Dec 3 Tampa Bay 1:00pm-This will be one helluva defensive matchup.But will thier offense be good or will they be bad?

Dec 7 Cleveland 8:00pm-See my last comment on the Clowns.

Dec 17 @Carolina 1:00pm-This will be a good game.If we shut down Steve Smith we'll definatly win.I think we can make them look worse than they did in the NFCCG.

Dec 24 Baltimore 1:00pm-By this point will Billick even have his job?

Dec 31 @Cincinnati 1:00pm-Big playoff implications.Could decide the division or at least playoff seeding.Hell,it could decide if one of these teams even makes the playoffs.

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