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Default Nantz and Simms

Am I the only one who thinks these two are the biggest tools on the planet?

I have had it with the both of them apologizing for the League and never taking a position on anything.

After Clark's 15-yard penalty for what turned out to be just a really great football play, neither one of these dopes could bring themselves to say that this was just a bad call and a great play by Clark. Instead they went on forever about "launching", having one's helmet "in the vicinity of the head", the "spirit of the rule" and on and on and on.

Both of them are so afraid of risking their cushy "Big Market" status that they'd swear to agree that the sun rose in the West if that's what the League asked them to do. Nantz earlier said (after showing a replay of Philly's DeShaun Jackson's 65-yard game winning punt return) that Jackson cruising along the goal line for a bit before actually crossing it, "Was showboating" and that he thought that was "sad".

Has Nantz ever actually had ANY fun in his life?

I mean Jackson is a showboat and I won't argue that. But look what he just did - especially after initially muffing the punt. I think that given the way that game was played and how Philly fought back, a run of 65 yards through traffic to win was worth a bit of celebration and even some showboating.

After all, this is SUPPOSED to be entertainment, no?
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