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Default Re: Nantz and Simms

The worst thing about a broadcast involving Phil Simms - and he was in perfect form with this last night - is the way he gets exasperated with the fans who want a flag thrown on a legitimate instance of pass interference, how he goes on to describe it as a "perfectly clean" play or "good coverage," only to have to backtrack when he sees the replay. He did this multiple times during the Jets game, but it seemed like it really caused him physical pain to have to own up to it when Sanders was held, blatantly, on the final drive.

Don't get me wrong. I'm more upset that the Steelers put themselves in a position to allow a non-call that was obvious to everyone in Heinz Field but the official to cost them the game with their lackluster, uninspired play, but a call actually costing them the game - after the entire Jets secondary got away with mugging our receivers the entire night, as Simms reluctantly had to acknowledge after initially calling all those instances "clean" - should rightly make everyone furious.
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