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Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
alot of message board posters have praised arians and ben for that last drive. i somewhat value the opinions of experts and analysists who have actually coached in the league more.

why in the hell did the steelers waste almost 10 seconds subbing in randle el for the spike play? if they wanted him in the game he coulda been inserted AFTER the ball was spiked and the clock was stopped.

Why in the hell, when it is the 2 minute drill, were the steelers subing in diferent personnel. and repeatedly shifting 2 wr's from one side to the other?

atleast 3-4 snaps were completely wasted. i guess with ben missing the first 4 games they still dont think hes ready to take over the no-huddle hurry up office. maybe he's still finding his groove with his wr's.

or maybe arians will no longer hand over the reigns like he used to because he has been ordered to runn the ball more..... effectively.

either way it was a complete meltdown from the sideline. that situation is very simple and has been proven time and time again.

you go 11 personnel (1rb/1te/3wr) and let ben work his magic.
If thats really the case,that after 10 games and taking alot of the snaps in preseason with the first team ,oh and a bye week.... really makes me wonder what kind of brain damage this guy really does have. I think our offensive problems are a lack of BA's confidence in Ben this year and Ben's confidence in his own passing ability.
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