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Default Re: the no call pass intefereance on jets

Ed. B. from the P-G is tearing it up this week

After blasting Arians yesterday he does this drive by on the officiating today

I thought the Steelers game against Oakland was the worst officiated game I’ve ever seen, and it still may be. But their game against the Jets had to be officiated by the dumbest men I’ve ever seen, led by referee Pete Morelli, the guy who ruled Troy Polamalu’s interception against Indianapolis in their 2005 playoff game was not an interception.

Morelli lost his flag three times! No penalty, just lost the flag. That’s a first for me. I’ve seen officials inadvertently lose a flag on occasions but it’s rare. I’ve never seen one lose his twice in 26 years of covering football as my job. Now I’ve seen one three times. A man from the NFL told me that Morelli is from Southern California and not used to working while wearing gloves and had trouble handling the flag. Hey, Pete, get some Velcro!

Then there was the 9-yard first down. Rashard Mendenhall ran 9 yards on first down to set up a second and one. But then confusion reigned. The chain gang moved toward a first down and the officials could not figure it out and just gave the Steelers a first down.

That too was a first. Then there was the blatant holding penalty on Emmanuel Sanders, who had broken out in the open and was yanked by the back of his shirt by a Jets defender.

None of that may have made a difference in the outcome, but it had to be embarrassing to the NFL.

To the extent this is on the PG+ premium site I am hesitant to keep posting these excerpts - for the $3 per month Bouchette's comments are worth the $ for me

Agreed the officiating is horrible this season - part of it mey be with big screen HD and the quality of the camera coverage it is so easy to see thee screwups

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