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Default Re: Post game thoughts and goats

Originally Posted by Lord of Lombardi View Post
I blamed more than Leblow in my rant. And you'd still be reading if I cited every flaw that we brought to the Jets game. It was a COMPLETE team loss. Take a look at every rant on this board and you can't deny anyone for the truth they speak on why we lost. There isn't a phase of our game that didn't suck this past Sunday. Yes, even the Defense. Apparently 13 points was too much. Too much when your ST suck. Have you been following the JETS this past month? Their O sucks so it was not too much to ask for more. Points on ST count against your D #'s as if it was a 95 yard drive, you still have to tackle, you still have to keep them out of your end zone and we clearly didn't. It was the Defense that allowed one of the worst WR's this year to catch what, 9 passes-B. Edwards and a personal record (another Arians type dope from Cleveland) And it was our defense that made Sancheezewhiz leave the field a winner. How we don't throw the farm at him is beyond my comprehension of professional Football. He has no pocket presence. He is Manning early on in his career, Mr. happy feet. Take a look at his stats against out type of hard nosed D. He sucks. He didn't suck Sunday. We didn't make him suck.

And my comparison against NE was completey relevant because I was referring to "the approach" Tell me what we did differently regarding our game plan. We didn't pressure Brady and he tore us up. We didn't pressure Sanchez and he beat us. Again, another spoke in the wheel of being outcoached. And it had nothign to do with RexRoid Ryan, Leblow outcoached himself. He seems to do that a lot against the better teams. I'd rather blitz and lose than not blitz and have our Mcfools burned again. Hey Lebeau.....Our DB's can't cover a melting snowman. At least we can rattle the young inexperienced QB's. Or so I thought we could. We get another chance against the Panthers so we'll see. I am starting to realize that Arizona knew what they were doing when they released Mcfaddong. Not that they improved their team. We're still in control, the sky is not falling but it looks like rain ahead.
so what youre saying is that if the steelers simply did their job, (and every other team that the sanchezwhiz&crackers and brown reject jets have played) they would be 0-14 at this point?

theoretically, if every team does their job, every team in the league will be 0-16?

how does that work? does simple math even support that?

there are no style points in winning, let alone losing so who cares if you do it blitzing or not?

i agree that it sucks we lost to the jets. it sucked when we lost to clemens several years back, just like it sucked losing to the 5 scrub teams we lost to last year.

what didnt suck was winning it all in 2005 and 2008.

i guess its all about perspective.

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