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Default Re: Steelers won't make concessions to age

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
i know there is only 1 cower and i wasnt his biggest fan after he stuck with Kordell at QB for so long but i do miss his motivation sometimes. Tomlin just dosnt have the fire that cower and a few other coaches have. im not taking anything away from tomlin because he is a great coach but i wish he had a little more spark and i definatly dont like hearing excuses
And Cowher's tried but true "bust 'em in the mouth and impose your will on 'em!" fire-and-spittle bravado, while winning a lot of regular season games, generally only worked up to a certain point. When it didn't work, most notably in conference championship games, he was often found wanting.

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
His classic "war of attrition" thing he uses all the time isn't working. We've been the ones taking the physical beatings, more than dishing them out.
Is that why we're 10-4?

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
I'd like to see what goes on at closed door meetings. I hope there's some motivating there. Because you sure don't see it at interviews or on the field.
You would've HATED Noll.

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