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Originally Posted by Whodis View Post
I respectfully disagree here. If there has been an incosistency in our passing it's been route running and or #7. Ward makes the grab and takes the hit almost every time.

I haven't been able to share the devastation of Ward on my fantasy team becase i'm so tied up with my World of Warcraft tournaments

I think Bouchette questioned why we were throwing to a back-up TE instead of someone like Ward at the end of the game. IMHO it's a question of design not the reciever?
First, let me say I think it is corny when someone tries to act like real men don't play Fantasy football or Madden...that's lame. If it's not for you great but you don't earn any manly points for not participating.

Rather than blather about a persons value outside of fantasy numbers respect the fact that I said I've been watching his receiving production closely because he's on my team. Sometimes it is possible to feel like a lot was done because of one or two big or key catches but that doesn't replace productivity. Both are important.

The issue is not drops. It is possible they are not going to him because he is not getting open. That is the issue.
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