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Originally Posted by Whodis View Post
are you serious? You tried to make a point about Ward's productivity by telling us he sucks on a fantasy football team......... that's lame and corny

I didn't think I was trying to misconstrue Hines Ward's effectivness on the field. If you were a season ticket holder and told me "He's not getting open" your words would have more merit then the fact he's on your fantasy team. Bottom line is he's one of the best options we have right now at reciever IMO

sorry for offending you bro... i'll take stats more serious next time

I have been able to watch all the games this year but as you know the camera doesn't show who is getting open and who is not since I am not there in person (as you pointed out). I can only assume that he is not getting open. Why else would they not throw to him more?

I'm glad you realized I was not saying he was not productive ONLY BECAUSE he did not score well for me for fantasy. We all respect the blocks Hines makes. My point is that sometimes because of 1 or 2 good catches, we can have memory of a receiver being more productive than they really are. There were times when I watched the game and thought that Ward had been more productive ...then went to see my fantasy numbers and saw it was just a couple of good plays coloring my perception.

It's fine if you want to make the argument that a couple of good plays is just as important as being a steady thoroughbred and coming through each and every game but I didn't appreciate you trying to belittle me because I have a fantasy team.

We all are smart enough to know that players have value beyond fantasy stats. My point was that I know whether he had steady production because I was observing his stats. Someone else said he came through every game (can't remember whether it was you).

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