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Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
yes i remember. i haven't gotten to it yet because i haven't been able to locate my windows installation disc. i've got a ton of registry errors popping up and my pc keeps freezing up on me , especially if i'm trying to use a program that hogs up a bunch of memory , like GIMP does. i have to do a reformat , but i can't do it until i find all the software discs .

are you a german shepherd fan ? one of my brothers shepherds just had pups. i think he has 2 for
I think German Sheperds are the majesty of the Canine Kingdom! I absolutely LOVE them. My late, great Pooh was part GS and I really loved that in her.

Sorry to hear about your PC problems. They are a wonderful thing when they work but when they don't....fawget about it!!

Now that I know, I'll quit "hounding" you for it! Oh geez, I'm just full of it today aren't I? I look forward to it when you have the time to do it and please accept my deep appreciation in advance.

Many Thanks,

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