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Default Re: The best trilogy in your heart.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
hard to leave out rocky or lethal weapon just because they made more than 3. what about police academy?

mine is definitely the original star wars even though episode III might very well be my favorite one.
They did make a 6th Rocky, which I forgot about, which would make 2 trilogies, but the problem is the 5th movie is really its own movie. The 4th movie is too connected to the first 3, so there's no way it could be a trilogy, there's 4 movies that belong together. If the 4th was terrible and they shot off the whole rocky story-line and didn't kill off the black dude, maybe i'd consider the first 3 as a trilogy, but no way jose

My Fav trilogy is Troy Story just because I grew up with it, and Andy is litterally the same age as me in each movie, but the best made Trilogy to me is the first Star Wars one.
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