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Originally Posted by Shea View Post
Yeah, normally I'd agree but I've been reading this forum for years and it seems like some (especially one) people only find the fun in being on the forum in order to bump their chest and try to become something they probably aren't anywhere close to achieving in real life.

The badass asshole. Boy aren't they total cool beans here, but in person they are always spineless shits.

Empathy is foreign to them, and they think we all are here to orbit around them.

I say **** that.
hey shea why don't you go eat a dick and mind your own damn business. or at least take the time and go back and find out what led to this. i didn't say shit to this little dickwad to provoke the insults he has hurled at me. if his f*cking paraniod delusions keep him from being able to carry on CIVIL sports debates, then he shouldn't be posting on a sports message board where opinions are challenged regularly. up and explain to me where i'm the cause of this ?

and here's another where the paraniod idiot insults me for actually agreeing with him...
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