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Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
hey shea why don't you go eat a dick and mind your own damn business. or at least take the time and go back and find out what led to this. i didn't say shit to this little dickwad to provoke the insults he has hurled at me. if his f*cking paraniod delusions keep him from being able to carry on CIVIL sports debates, then he shouldn't be posting on a sports message board where opinions are challenged regularly.
Yeah I the dickwad, you're the one who picks apart a post, past all the liable sensable opinions, and grabs the one thing that really shouldn't matter at all just to bully someone so you feel better about yourself. You do this to me countless times, no matter how good my origional point is, you find something in my post and attack it and make me feel like a piece of shit for even including it. Thats not challenging an opinion, thats bullying someone.
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