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Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
like i told you before, if your going to get that butt hurt over your OPINION's being challenged , you really shouldn't be on a sports forum , you should be in therapy.
do you lay awake at night worrying about how someone might respond to your freakin posts ? perhaps you might want to consider using the ignore feature of this forum to alleviate any further mental strain i might put on your feeble childish brain...
Ugh, you're the child here. And it wasn't even an opinion, you read over things you don't want to hear sometimes. You're the one that shouldn't be on a forum, you shouldn't even be allowed human interaction.
A lot of things you supposedly grab from my posts are either me not being serious about something or if it is an opinion, I prove you wrong, and shut up and put your dick between your legs and not mention the subject again, proving that I'm not just shoving out opinions without thinking.

I see who you pick on, and its usually someone who seems like they don't know much, and just stating a simple opinion, and they are people who don't want to get into a heated debate, just "hey i think this" and thats it, but you really bring your best to them for really no reason whatsoever other than you just want to be the big dog.
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