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Default Re: Question to Christians ?

all "holy days" are derived from solstices and equinoxes, our ancestors primitive understanding of the sun's movements through the sky as told by a "solar myth" that all "sons of god" (jesus, horus, mithras, khrishna, etc and so on) used as parts of their hero story personalized to their timeline, only the names change. the sun is crucified between the two thieves saggitarius and capricorn on the solstice and rises from the dead 3 days later to grow in strength. this understanding enabled us to shift to farming over hunter/gatherer in our evolution. the fact that easter is calculated by celestial bodies is proof of it's true origin. jesus is as real as the other sun gods that predated him. the sun was born of a virgin mother (virgo) and all that good stuff too. the 12 disciples all correlate to the signs of the zodiac, an integral thrust of the solar myth.
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