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Default Re: Draft prospects visiting

I wouldn't (as a Steeler fan) take Jason Allen or Daniel Bullocks in the first round. I'd be very surprised if Joseph Addai goes in the first round.

Maurice Drew played well for the Bruins but he disappeared at times. I'm not sure if his height will hurt his chances of success in the NFL.

I would much rather have Demetrius Williams than Sinorice Moss - less money. He can go deep and he'll make tough catches. He'll also drop some...probably a second stringer.

It would be very sweet to see Alston or Bing in training camp.

A sleeper pick is David Kirtman. He is one of the best players on that explosive USC offense whose name you didn't hear. I'm not sure if he is projected to go in the mid- or late rounds but I'd use a 4th round pick. He is a ton of value who runs a 4.65.
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