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Default Re: Question to Christians ?

Originally Posted by floodcitygirl View Post
I'm sorry about your personal experience and I wouldn't consider disrespecting you by debating that point. Millions of people would disagree with you on your "facts" and have had much different personal experiences. Me included.
yup, christians have been debating against facts for years... who else supports creationism over evolution? i doubt you'll find the first incorrect statement in my posts, but you're welcome to try.

Originally Posted by floodcitygirl View Post
If I read the initial post correctly, a question was being posed, in a thoughtful way, for those who are believers in Christ. I tried to blow off your initial post with humor. I know it's not considered to be politically correct but quite frankly, I don't give a flying flip about your opinion on my faith. I think it sucks that you felt the need to express it in this thread instead of starting one of your own, which I could have chosen to read or not. Christmas, for many Christians, is a sacred and special time. I think being respectful is the right thing to do even if you don't agree about something.
perhaps you should have initially done the christian thing and forgive me over throwing a jab? the question was asked from a jewish member about christmas being christ's supposed birthday, a common fallacy on all accounts. i wasn't the first nor the sole poster to acknowledge the pagan origins, i simply expanded on that tangent. you're acting as though i took a shit in sunday school class. i guess i find the whole thing comical because it's christians who want to act like they have december 25th all to themselves when clearly it's been a date of significance since man has scribbled on cave walls. it's christians who get offended at "happy holidays" over "merry christmas". some even go so far as to say the term "xmas" is a secular plot to remove christ from the holiday. if you want to call december 25th jesus's birthday, buy a cake and knock yourself out. however, acknowledge the fact that other rituals have predated that notion for countless millenia and quit considering that idea a threat to your beliefs. it's the respectful thing to do.

moving forward, do i need to send you all my ideas for posts to moderate or can i continue with the free will granted me?
think for yourself
question authority

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