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Default Re: baseball Hall-of-Fame

There are many people with votes that won't consider anyone for the hall that was part of the "steroids era". Personally, I agree with them. Bonds almost certainly would have made the HOF without perfomance enhancement , but instead he chose to cheat. Palmiero might have had the numbers without steroids, but the odds are good that his career would have been significantly shorter had he not used them. Which in turn diminishes his numbers.
Alomar is up there with the best 2nd basemen to play the game and deserves to go in. He was never a power hitter, just an amazing fielder with great instinct, reflexes, and very good speed. If he had been using steroids then his career hr totals would have shown so, as they did with Bonds,Sosa, McGwire. Alomar was a 10 time gold glove winner, career .300 hitter, 30+ stolen bases 8 times....

Ty Cobb was a notorious asshole, but that doesn't diminish his accomplishments on the field.
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