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Default Re: Question to Christians ?

[/QUOTE]Boy, you are a judgemental sort, aren't ya? lol

First of all, I have no interest in debating this topic. Generally I find it holds little value since neither of us is likely to change our mind because of what a person has to say on a message board. Beyond that, you seem to be a person who enjoys stirring up crap.

For your info though, I never said I had a problem with anyone saying that some of the contemporary customs of holidays have pagan roots. I am very well aware of their origins and why they were incorporated, as another poster pointed out already. I stated that I don't think that the actual date of the birth of Christ, or customs like trees, lights ect, matter to God but what is really important is the condition of your heart. I personally love ALL of those things as well as the food and drinking that comes with the celebration.

I believe I made clear what annoyed me about your posts in this thread. You seem to be reading alot more into it. I never talked about "plots, feeling threatened, or offenses over terminology" or whatever else you accused me of. Perhaps it has something to do with your past associations??? Anyway, I didn't realize that there was anything I needed to forgive you for, but if it makes you feel better, then consider it done.

I try to be respectful of others regardless if we share the same beliefs. I do admit that it's irritating to me that in our current society, while inclusion is all important, it does seem to be acceptable to belittle and be disparaging towards Christianity and those who practice it, unlike other faiths. Somehow the thought seems to be that because of "our" faith, we're supposed to bend over and take we can't be outward with our beliefs??? BS.

I'm not a mod. I just expressed my opinion which I believe I still have a right to do, even in this country. I see you took me up on my suggestion about starting your own thread. I appreciate the shout out in the title too!

Thanks to MeanJoe for surprising me with my new sig.
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