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Default Re: Field Conditions after Winter Classic?

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
To have mass appeal a game needs to be one that many fans have played in some form (most guys have played some version of baseball, basketball and football at some point in their lives) - the need for a rink eliminates that possibility for hockey and limits the appeal of the sport more than the absence of non-white players.

That's a good point. I think you are on the money with that. I still think some diversity might bring some excitement and make it more entertaining to watch. Look at what Tiger did for golf. I don't think it was just because he was an awesome player but I think being different than stuffy rich white country club guys made it fun because even when he was really good you sort of saw him as an underdog and it is fun to root for the underdog. If he was some rich white kid who was just really good, he would have had an impact but not the same impact. Before Tiger, most just thought Golf was boring.

Heck, if they could muster up ONE diverse team, (and they were good) that might do the trick. They don't need the whole league. It would be fun to watch.

Same goes for NASCAR by the way. Instead of one Southern white guy vs another Southern white guy, if there were some drivers from Cali, Chicago, some blacks, Hispanics, Asians, women, it would be more fun to watch. JMO Maybe if they had one driver from each state and you could enjoy rooting for your state and they could do some marketing letting you know your guy so you care to root for him that might be fun.
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