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Default Re: Field Conditions after Winter Classic?

Originally Posted by SteelKnight View Post
I mentioned soccer in my initial post.

No...I don't think hockey is diverse...sorry....or at least not in any interesting way. For any topic we can choose to focus on something to make it seem diverse (like eye color, socioeconomic background, favorite colors) but it won't do the trick for everyone.

Football is still pretty diverse to me. Even if a lot of the fast players are not diverse, because of quarterback, coaching, other player positions, it still feels like a mix. Baseball is diverse. It is true that NBA basketball is not very diverse. I think the reason they survive is marketing. If you can make a player a star and make it so the fans feel differently about that player, you MAY be able to pull it off. Really I find NBA boring except the final quarter of each game and the playoffs.
I know you mentioned soccer (and did say it was diverse). You also said it wasn't very popular, which is false. It's just not popular with Americans. It's actually the most popular sport in the world.

If you don't like hockey, that's fine. Everybody has their own tastes...I just don't get the "not diverse enough" statement. You mentioned Tiger bringing diversity (and I can only assume you meant racial diversity) to golf, thus making it more exciting, when making a comparison to how you'd like to see hockey be diverse (when it's already extremely ethnicly diverse). Then you bring up player positions...just not sure where you're going with the diversity statement is all.

To me, hockey has always been the most exciting game. It's extremely fast paced, allows for different players personalities to shine. It can be a tough, gritty, muck it out kind of game...and also an eloquent game (when it comes to scoring a pretty goal, or making a beautiful save). I just never understood how people thought a sport that allows players to beat on each other, score amazing goals and make pretty saves (all without a tv timeout every 2 minutes) was boring. I like football a lot, but it just doesn't have the same kind of game speed or intensity. Constant time outs and stoppages of play slow the game down way too much. That's why there aren't many people outside of the US that like American football. Baseball just puts me straight to sleep.

Now, if you don't like the sport, you don't like it and nothing I say will make you feel any differently about it. That's all fine and good. I just think it's weird that you would say the sport is not popular (or not as popular in America as football) because of a lack of diversity. Just don't get what that is supposed to mean.
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