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Default Re: Field Conditions after Winter Classic?

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
I know you mentioned soccer (and did say it was diverse). You also said it wasn't very popular, which is false. It's just not popular with Americans. It's actually the most popular sport in the world.

If you don't like hockey, that's fine. Everybody has their own tastes...I just don't get the "not diverse enough" statement. You mentioned Tiger bringing diversity (and I can only assume you meant racial diversity) to golf, thus making it more exciting, when making a comparison to how you'd like to see hockey be diverse (when it's already extremely ethnicly diverse). Then you bring up player positions...just not sure where you're going with the diversity statement is all.

To me, hockey has always been the most exciting game. It's extremely fast paced, allows for different players personalities to shine. It can be a tough, gritty, muck it out kind of game...and also an eloquent game (when it comes to scoring a pretty goal, or making a beautiful save).

Now, if you don't like the sport, you don't like it and nothing I say will make you feel any differently about it. That's all fine and good. I just think it's weird that you would say the sport is not popular (or not as popular in America as football) because of a lack of diversity. Just don't get what that is supposed to mean.
First, I'm educated enough to know that football (soccer) is the most popular sport in the world. Rather than saying I made a false statement, you should have deduced (in context) that I was talking about here in the US. And I did point it out as a counter argument to my point. far as your hockey diverse comments, that's like me saying the NBA is the most diverse. They have players from Phily, DC, Miami, Compton, NY. That's the way I see your comment. And BTW, NBA does have a bunch of Europeans. but i don't think it is very diverse in reality...just like i don't think hockey is.

As far as hockey, I mentioned what would make it interesting to me. There will be some others that agree with me and some others that don't. If there are some that agree with me than it would increase the viewership so long as it doesn't make some of you already lovers leave for whatever reason.

I tried to like hockey. I started as a Bruins fan and just stayed loyal and then after several years I became bored with the sport. Just because you are spoiled to have had Lemieux and now Crosby, don't think it is interesting for all teams. lol
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