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Default Re: Field Conditions after Winter Classic?

Originally Posted by Stu Pidasso View Post
I have a good theory about that: Football is a social game. With other sports (like hockey, soccer, etc.) you have the fast paced, constant game that you continually have to watch (and not make a sammich, pee, or look away for a second) so it doesn't fit into the American "social" paradigm. Unless you watch your sports alone.

Now Football, you have time in between plays to talk to your friends, pee, hang out, and be social with each other, especially in public gatherings like bars.
Yeah, I get what you mean. That's more for the casual fan though. I myself get extremely annoyed with constant TV timeouts and the over abundance of play reviews. It slows the game down to a deadening pace...especially at the end of halves.

I'm not a social sports watcher. I want to see the game...and will hold it in until intermissions.

I understand though that the sport is watched by more casual fans than hardcore fans though, so in that respect you may be onto something.
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