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Default Re: texas 500- who to watch/ who will win

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43
Quick question. I notice none of you guys/gals have Earnhardt Jr. on the list. What's his deal? Is he basically riding on his dad's name? Is he having a bad year? Is he overrated? Just curious.

Thanks from the know-nothing NASCAR
deiselman had him 5th and i definitely mentionned him in my pre race analysis. jr.s grampa was in auto racing and it used to be said that dale sr. was riding off his fathers name. 7 champs later dale jr. gets the same stuff. dale jr. is a damn good driver. many say he is overrated, kinda like p. manning. personally i think hes been good as proved by his 4th place finish with a car that looked like it was ready for the scrapheap last weekend. (he had been in 2 wrecks but still pulled out a top 5) he is a good racer with a great personality and great for the sport. he will never live up to his father though. no one probably will.
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