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Default Re: Field Conditions after Winter Classic?

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
You completely lost me on this entire post. I really don't know what most of it has to do with the sport. So we'll just have to agree to disagree on the subject, cause I don't know where you're going with this.

To siphon the conversation back a little to racial diversity...I doubt having an extremely racially diverse hockey league would make much difference to fans and non-fans...seeing as how the NFL and NBA are about as racially diverse as hockey is. I just don't get why racial diversity would make the sport more interesting to some. If the way it is played isn't interesting to you now, it never will be.
You didn't understand the entire post? lol You jumped to the third point so the 2 points you seemed to miss I can summarize each

1. I was talking about the NHL with US audience and not "hockey" worldwide so I wanted to bring us back to what i was talking about.

2. The analogy of 15 different African countries is a perfect analogy because I know you were going to try to go for "Hey, if you talk to them, they will have different European cultures." I answered your question clearly as "visual diversity" so that could include race but it would also include ethnicity where you could tell by looking (3 clear Caucasian examples...Hispanic, Middle-Eastern, East Indian)...not sitting down to do an interview with each and every player to illicit the difference.

So now that you understand "visual diversity" which includes race from there we can just agree to disagree. I think diversity that reflect more of what America is about MIGHT appeal more to some people who are not fans. I still think football is diverse in that for example if you told me to guess the race (for example) of the top 5 players in the next draft, I couldn't tell you. If you told me to guess the race of the person being interviewed post game, I couldn't tell you. Basketball sort of held on to fans because it used to be all white. My guess is if it started just black and stayed that way, it wouldn't be as popular. That's JMO. Football has that same white foundation.

That's fine that we disagree but in the heart of hearts I think you know what I mean by visual sit down interviews to prove it. Personally I enjoy seeing inclusive sports where the only loyalty is the color of the uniform. So I would enjoy watching the bonding of different groups (groups that couldn't all drink from the same water fountain in the past) in hockey. My point is simple, even if it is just a small percentage of the non viewers, the number still goes up (so long as there are no current viewers who drop out). The only question is whether it would be like a Tiger effect or not. maybe one day we will find out.

I feel the same way about Nascar.

There will always be people who enjoy inclusiveness more and those who don't care for it (or even are offended by it) so people will be different. It's not worth arguing over.
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