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Here's the kindof talk that pisses me off...I am only on pg 5 of this thread but I have only seen 1 Bengal fan so far that is not completely ignorant!

This is the kind of stuff I have to hear every day..."WOW we have had 2 8-8 we're going to win the SB...just because we're the best" Whatever...back it up with some facts, or don't waste my time. I was going to post in there, but I figured I would end up getting so pissed, and really their listening to their ignorance is a waste of my time.

I will say I think they have improved over the years, and I will say that I think they are going to be a tough team in the division...hell, they may even make the playoffs as a wild card...but come on Bungal are the same people that couldn't even get your stadium sold out 3 yrs. ago unless you were playing the Steelers or Browns (that's one way so many Steeler games were on TV around here). Hell in every sports store from Dayton to Cincy...there were more Steeler things than anything...says a lot about your devotion to your team!

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