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Default Re: Field Conditions after Winter Classic?

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
I'm sorry, but all this talk of "visual diversity" and finding out a persons culture through interview talk is just pointless to me. You do know that not just Caucasians play the sport right? So saying that one mixed race guy changing a predominantly white sport might have the same effect in hockey means absolutely nothing to anyone who is a fan (because, from watching more games than just the team you root for, you get a bigger picture of who is in the league).

Here's a little snippet of an article shedding some light on the racial diversity in hockey.

As of right now (not including the ethnic players...just strictly African descent or mixed decent) there are 25 bi-racial or black players in the NHL, 11 of Asian descent, 4 Latin American, 5 of Middle Eastern descent...and all with notable players. (Examples: Justin Abdelkader who is American in nationality, but has Jordanian and Polish parents. Scott Gomez and Raffi Torres...both of Mexican and Latin American descent. Billy Guerin was also of Latin American descent. Devin Setoguchi, Manny Malholtra and Paul Kariya are all Canadian, but of direct Asian descent. Dustin Byfuglien, Evander Kane, Jarome Iginla...all famous black/bi-racial players).

*p.s.* I'm intrigued by our discussion, and want to continue it...but am going to create a different thread in a more appropriate section.
I guess you are right. The sport is dead for good then. lol. I didn't realize it already had some diversity and still got no appeal. All I know know is from the highlights (that ESPN forces on you by squeezing them between the sports people care about) so those diverse players must not be very good since I don't see them. That makes a difference. If Tiger had sucked, he would have made no difference to the sport.

It was just a theory but I'll concede but it is still possible that if those players are actually good it might make a difference.

By the way, my "visual diversity" was not a trick. I was just trying to avoid that kind of thing you get when people play dumb and try to act like they don't know what you are talking about like "Hey are you saying all white people are alike?" or "Are you saying all black people are alike?". I wanted to include different ethnicities (not just race) but not play games with "Hey Russia has a different culture and ethnicity than Yugoslovia..."
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