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Default Re: Field Conditions after Winter Classic?

Originally Posted by SteelKnight View Post
I guess you are right. The sport is dead for good then. lol. I didn't realize it already had some diversity and still got no appeal. All I know know is from the highlights (that ESPN forces on you by squeezing them between the sports people care about) so those diverse players must not be very good since I don't see them. That makes a difference. If Tiger had sucked, he would have made no difference to the sport.
Dead for good? Why? Because it's not the most popular sport in the US??? That's not that big of a deal lol...especially when most of the world considers American football a waste of time. Hockey is more well liked worldwide that football is...I don't think it matters that is surpasses it in the US, especially when the majority of teams have no problem filling the seats and getting viewers. Besides, if people want hockey news they can just watch VS. or NHL Network.

It was just a theory but I'll concede but it is still possible that if those players are actually good it might make a difference.
If you actually payed attention to the sport (more than just a casual fan would), you'd know they are good players.

By the way, my "visual diversity" was not a trick. I was just trying to avoid that kind of thing you get when people play dumb and try to act like they don't know what you are talking about like "Hey are you saying all white people are alike?" or "Are you saying all black people are alike?". I wanted to include different ethnicities (not just race) but not play games with "Hey Russia has a different culture and ethnicity than Yugoslovia..."
I still don't get what any of this has to do with the conversation...but ok.
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