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Default Re: Field Conditions after Winter Classic?

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post

If you actually payed attention to the sport (more than just a casual fan would), you'd know they are good players.
There goes my "good" argument. lol I was going to say I'm sure there were many black females in Tennis before the Williams sisters but if they suck, no

OK...I'll be bold and make this statement. If they could somehow get African Americans interested in hockey, it would boost the sport's popularity and revenue. African Americans are a small part of the country (13%) but just the interest might make a lot of others interested. Maybe there would be more songs, videos, commercials, etc. Now whites that didn't watch, Hispanics and other cultures want to know what is so fascinating and the national media wants to broadcast more primetime games because it seems all Americans are into it and advertisers want to reach all. That's my hunch.

I spent part of my childhood in Rhode Island and when I was a kid I went to some Providence Bruis games (people get seriously into joke). Because of this minor league team (even beyond just being in NE) everyone in the area were Boston Bruins fans and I became a Bruins fan. I tried to like them until sometime in the late 90s when I just became bored with the sport all together. In reality, I didn't put in a good effort because the Bruins kept sucking but I did remain loyal.

Thanks for educating me a bit on the sport. next time they get someone who is noticeably black, latino or asiain, who is a superstar, let's see if the buzz catches on. They would have to market him though.
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