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Default Re: Winter Classic 2011 Thread

my winter classic experience wasnt that great.

its bad enough i only get about 15 (regular season) penguins games on tv a year (if im lucky and theyre doing good), but my direct tv lost all local channels on new years eve.

no dick clark, no ball drop, no parade, no bowl game and no winter classic.

luckilly it was real easy finding an excellent stream that was flawless. still... hockey is meant for big screen.

tough loss.

i must say though, after watching the final episode of 24/7 on weds i had much more appreciation for the classic.

what an excellent series. ive seen all episodes twice and really wanna watch all 4 in succession tomorrow but i'll probably just get the dvd once it is out.

lots of cool inside/behind the scenes stuff. for some reason i was almost stunned with both coaches cracking open a brew right there after the post game speech.

that is banned from baseball, and you never see that in football.

but they are hockey. hockey is balls out. i shouldnt have been suprised at all.
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