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Default Re: Winter Classic 2011 Thread

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
my winter classic experience wasnt that great.

its bad enough i only get about 15 (regular season) penguins games on tv a year (if im lucky and theyre doing good), but my direct tv lost all local channels on new years eve.

no dick clark, no ball drop, no parade, no bowl game and no winter classic.
Trade ya?

fiancee is suffering thru chemo, so I spent the week before the Classic, watching a stream of the rink being built when she didn't need my attention
(I don't know which surprised me more ~ the Penguins hosting something like that, or the fact that as a fan since 1972, I wouldn't be at the game)

3 hours before game-time, I begin suffering from an intestinal flu (guess what that means), and shortly after face-off, I began tossing my cookies, so after spending 8 days watching the rink constructed, I saw about 6 minutes of the game:
NBC's fetish for showing over-head shots made me even-worse, so once the puking began, I went straight to bed

making matters-worse, my fiancee got it 2 days later, despite the fact that we avoided each-other once I began feeling ill because we knew she'd be very susceptible ~ by mid-Monday, she was hospitalized, taking saline & anti-biotic's from an IV-drip, and she was finally released a few hours ago

Happy-fuggin'-New Year
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