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Default Re: Racial diversity in the NHL and other sports (moved posts)

Originally Posted by SteelKnight View Post
Thanks for the Bruins update. I was on the NHL site yesterday and noticing that Tim Thomas...nice.

I couldn't really find any scorers to latch onto though. That Lucic is 29th in goals but since there is not much separating many if he had 3 more goals he could move up to 9th.
They're a more defensive minded team, and get even scoring from a number of players. Savard was a big time point scorer (excellent big play set up guy), but he hasn't been right since Cooke knocked his block off last year. He's only played 16 games so far this season.

BTW, I don't live in New England now and I bet you if I went around most people couldn't name a single Hockey player for the local team. On the news, they don't emphasize specific players. Meanwhile people that don't watch NBA, NFL or baseball could name you some local players.
It goes both ways though. I couldn't tell you anything about any NBA player outside of Kobe and Lebron, and despise baseball. I seriously only know of Derek Jeter because of SNL. I couldn't even tell you the names of the Pirates owners, coaches or any players...that's how little I care about baseball. Since I don't care, I don't pay attention and anything I do hear goes in one ear and out the other. Maybe the local team near you sucks and that's why?

You have a biased view from Pitt. I even knew about Crosby before he entered the league so obviously they did a good job marketing him. At the same time, you seem to know your stuff so you are no casual fan. lol

When playoffs come next year, I will try to watch.
You can call it biased if you want, but I pay attention to more than just Pittsburgh, and followed hockey even when Pitt was absolutely abysmal. Hockey has been my favorite sport since the first time I saw a game at 5. Didn't need hype and flash at all to get me into was just exciting. Took me a lot longer to get into football. And while you could go around and ask about your cities specific team and some people may not know about specific players and such...I guarantee you they know the city has a team and they know what hockey is. Simply put, if they're not fans, they're not fans. Not every team is going to have an overhyped goal scorer...just like every NFL team doesn't have an overhyped TD machine. Know what I mean?

And you should watch the playoffs this year...Boston is fixing to try and make a nice run again.

Let's put it out there this way. The casual NFL fan loves to see Tom Brady or Peyton Manning throw a sweet touchdown...but most casual fans couldn't tell you anything about some of the other players. And die-hard NFL fans cringe and how over-hyped some specific players have become. They also cringe at the thought of Goodell wanting to expand to markets (Europe) that will never sustain a fanbase.
Look at these eyebrows. These are attack eyebrows! They could take off bottle caps!

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