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Default Re: Racial diversity in the NHL and other sports (moved posts)

Originally Posted by SteelKnight View Post
SC, the other thing is the reason we can't see eye to eye on this might have something to do with local influences. In my area, NHL is not very popular at all ...period (not even for the Winter Classic...I checked). I also bet you if I looked up the major sports nationally, NHL would be the lowest in popularity. Obviously there are different cultures in different cities/towns. Remember I said in Providence we loved even the Providence Bruins. So the country might have pockets of NHL popularity and non popularity with the overall tipping to non.
No, it's actually 4th in the US (behind the NFL, MLB and NBA...but is gaining on the NBA). Soccer, rugby, lacrosse, volleyball....all sports that are more popular worldwide than any of our leagues, rank much, much lower. It's just never going to be more popular than baseball and football's a cultural thing.

And to be fair, hockey is more popular worldwide than American football. Americans are the only ones who are really, really into it.
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