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Default Re: Racial diversity in the NHL and other sports (moved posts)

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
And you should watch the playoffs this year...Boston is fixing to try and make a nice run again.
Thanks. I will. Part of me inside still would like the Bruins so that's who I'd root for. Thanks for catching me up to date on it. I don't know why i was able to stay a Steelers fan through the tough years but couldn't stick with the Bruins. It's not like i switched though...just lost interest in the sport. If I end up liking the playoffs, I could probably get it on the PS3. That would help me learn the players better.

ETA: You got me a little excited. I was going to try to watch the next game but they are playing at the same time as the jets game so that is a no go but i hear the Canadians are 7-1 in the last 8 games against the bruins so that should be good.

I've come a long way in football. Although I've always been a loyal fan, it is not until the last 5 years or so that I fully understood the difference between a 3-4 DE and a 4-3 DE and started to know ALL the players of the 53 and even the ones that didn't make the cut. I'm always learning. It was only last year that i learned what a "twist" is.

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
No, it's actually 4th in the US (behind the NFL, MLB and NBA...but is gaining on the NBA). Soccer, rugby, lacrosse, volleyball....all sports that are more popular worldwide than any of our leagues, rank much, much lower. It's just never going to be more popular than baseball and football's a cultural thing.

And to be fair, hockey is more popular worldwide than American football. Americans are the only ones who are really, really into it.
LOL That's where I would have put it...4th (last). I only considered 4 major sports lol. I never counted soccer, Rugby, lacrosse, volleyball as major sports.

Basketball is only exciting during the playoffs. Regular season basketball is funny because when I come 4th quarter I feel like I've seen all I need to see. If the game is close, perfect...I didn't miss anything and the good part will be the 4th quarter. If the game is a blow out, then watch for a little then turn it off if it doesn't seem like a comeback is forming.

I am a Lebron fan so i follow the Heat. I hate the Lakers (my brother likes them)
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