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Default Re: Racial diversity in the NHL and other sports (moved posts)

SC...the other interesting thing to see would be where Hockey fits in with ALL sports. I'm convinced College football would be more popular and college basketball might give a run for its money.

The interesting thing would be if the top 2 rivals of each sport was on TV vs hockey, who would watch hockey vs the other sport.

Red Sox vs Yankees vs Hockey
Patriots vs Steelers vs Hockey
Lakers vs Heat vs Hockey
Top 2 College Football teams vs Hockey (It doesn't have to be the Championship game)
Top 2 College Basketball teams vs Hockey (" ")
Tiger vs Michelson on a Sunday vs Hockey
Women's Tennis might even give hockey a Serena W. vs Clijesters

For Hockey you can sub whatever 2 teams you think Hockey fans would most like to see.

I think all those i named would give that hockey a run for its money.
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