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Default Re: Looking for the song from Heinz Field

Originally Posted by blackandyellow View Post
Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa better replace at least one of the garbage hillbilly songs that are played at Heinz field. You have got a very-talented Pittsburgh artist & the first well-established rapper coming from Pittsburgh who made this song & it is about how great the colors black and yellow are. It would be no more fitting than being played at all home games and should be (IMO) the Steelers theme song. Whoever in charge of the music there is terrible and has got to be ancient (in terms of age), stubborn, and set in his or her ways. I'm a season ticket holder (for 7 years) & I've heard the same crap songs year after year after year and wondered why -at times- a more appropriate, more current song or songs were not played yet?? There may be 2 songs that are okay/decent out of them all, but many of them I have no idea why they play them religiously unless they want to please all of the white DVE (WDVD) fans and/or redneck hillbillies that pack the crowd. I hope that this song becomes the exception to this as this song is definitely meant to be the Steelers theme song, it's that catchy and good, and it is coming from/made by/produced by a worldwide-recognized talented rap artist (he is more underground but if you are from Pittsburgh, chances are you know this song or at least have heard the name Wiz Khalifa before). It is not the stereotypical "gangster rap" song, I'd be willing to bet that many of those [ppl] who cannot stand rap music would not mind this song & many of those people would end up liking/enjoying [it] their first rap song (because of what it represents).
Ive still yet to see what that song has to do with the Steelers other than the fact its got Black and Yellow in the hook.

Stuntin, repping Pittsburgh, people afraid, hoes, cars, jewelery, and money. Shits not rap, its pop music. Albeit I don't wanna hear the hillbilly stuff any more than this. But you seem to kinda be pent up on this song in particular for some reason.

Even Ice Cube made a song that actually mentions the Steelers more than this.


Around 1:00 he mentions the Steelers. Songs not even about the Steelers and its just about as related as Wiz's track.
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