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Default Re: Racial diversity in the NHL and other sports (moved posts)

Originally Posted by I_Bleed_Black_And_Gold View Post
I guess I am just living the pipe dream that skin color has nothing to do with anything.

I don't care that Obama was the first black President, to me he is the 44th President...period

I don't care that Tiger Woods was the first black golfer to win the Masters, to me he is just a great golfer


It just seems to me that making a big deal over someone of a certain *(race, gender, sexuality, color, etc.) being successful is very demeaning to their *(race, gender, sexuality, color, etc.). Almost like "Oh my God, about time a *(woman, black person, brown eyed guy with a lisp) actually accomplished something."

Rap music is pretty popular with suburban white kids without any diversity. White people have Eminem...and Vanilla Ice...
In some instances it represents overcoming challenges, stereotypes, hatred, etc. It can be a celebration of people NOT focusing on race and thus producing the result. Obama is a big deal. I remember when I saw "24" with a black President, it seemed fake and unrealistic and now that seems so ordinary (Event has a black Pres too). Sometimes people need to SEE things in reality...not just theory. Believe me, when Hillary Clinton wins president it will be a big deal and a huge accomplishment for women. It will not be insulting to women...not at all.

It may sound more ideal to "not notice" things but if real challenges are ignored/not appreciated in the vein of imaginary ideal, you might be selling yourself short.

As far as diversity and variety, some like it, some don't care and some hate it. Obviously there are people who feel at home in Iowa.

There is nothing wrong with hoping for ideals but it might not be great if one thinks just because he/she has reached the ideal, there is no more fuss and everyone automatically has reached the ideal.

It is like saying "I don't think women should be beat and I don't beat women so let's never talk about beating women again". It's those of you who say you notice women being beat who have a problem. It should never be mentioned. Yada Yada.
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