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Default Re: going to next weeks game - have questions....

Originally Posted by steelerchad View Post
531, row O is where I sat for the 2008 AFC championship game. I didn't get my PSL's until 2009. There was an idiot Ravens fan about 6 rows in front of me, so he was probably just a few rows in front of you. They were getting their butt kicked and he decided to taunt the crowd when they finally got their 1st first down.
I think I remember that... when Troy picked Flacco at the end I think I screamed "Wacco 4 Flacco" at him for about two straight minutes. I live in Baltimore so I see those stupid a*s signs "Wacco4Flacco" all the time.

Sorry to hijack a little bit... I DON"T think you can bring in food, although the guys that check bags have never been very thorough.
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