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Default Re: going to next weeks game - have questions....

Originally Posted by steelerchad View Post
Ward is the one you want to wear. If he scores in that corner, you'd have a real shot at that game ball. If you have a pretty girl with you and she's wearing #86 your chances go up even more.

I'd take those seats in a heartbeat for $150/ticket, but honestly I think you'll be a little disappointed with the view of the game. When I have sat down low in the closed endzone I find myself watching most of the action on the screen becasue you can see better. That will not be a good option for you since the screen will be over your left shoulder. You will really get a good feel for the action that close though. You will not get a good look at any plays running away from your endzone once they get past the 30 yard line though.
Thats the one I was gonna wear but BOTH of my Ward jerseys got stains on them some how, so I'll probably wear my Wallace jersey.
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