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Default Re: Harbaugh Happy Ravens Broke Nose Of Ben Roethlisberger

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
totally, for a team that's won 2 titles in the last decade, we seem to get no respect from the media ever.

it's okay to me though, i'd not have it any other way. the team always plays better when they feel disrespected.
You know, there are 31 other teams, and they merit some ink as well. And besides, most every site I check ranks the Steelers above the Ravens, so I'm not sure how sincere the whole "no respect" card really is.
With the exception of USAToday (a rag if ever there was one) we are consistently ranked third behind the Pats and Falcons, and above Baltimore. Instead of fretting over why the Ravens get more respect than us (they don't) you should wonder why a team we spanked in week one is getting more love.
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