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I am a longtime Steeler fan. I can remember watching them in black and white in the 60's. I liked the steelers of the mid-90's the most. 94, 95, 96, 97.
I was thrilled to experience the super bowl wins in the 70's, but my favorite teams were the 90's guys.

That said, I don't want to piss on anybody's parade here, but you have to keep all this post season excitement in perspective. The steelers finished 12-4 this year.

The reality is that we probably won four games on miracles. Miami, Buffalo, Cincy, and Baltimore. We were that close// to being 8-8.

8-8 and is a big difference from 12-4. DON'T LOSE SIGHT OF THAT. THATS JUST KEEPIN IT REAL.

I'm glad we finished 12-4, but just to keep it real, you have to step back and realize that we're more like an 8-8 team talentwise.

If we could run the ball a little better, we could set up the deep passing game easier, and finish some drives. But we can't run the ball because we don't have a good, atheletic drive blocking line. Plus, we don't trap block. And we don't have a good lead blocking fullback.

But we do have one thing that the Ravens don't have. Team speed! KC had the team speed advantage, but Baltimore put so much pressure , so fast, on Cassel, that he couldn't take advantage of it. On offense, we have to find a way to exploit the Ravens lack of team speed. They have slow D-lineman, slow LB's, and average DB's.

Mendenhall is going to have to run like Willie Parker and bounce it outside and try to get to the corner and turn it upfield. Ben is going to have to hit the long pass, which he struggles at.
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