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Default A Polamalu Moment

I was sitting around thinking about the upcoming games and I thought of this as my "Polamalu Moment":

We're in the Superbowl and we're up by five but the opposing team has the ball; 1st and goal on our own 8-yard line with 30 seconds left to play.

Their QB lines up in a shotgun set and Troy is inching up towards the line. Just as the ball begins to move at the snap, Troy times a perfect angled leap over the left guard and while he's in mid-air (and upside down, no less!) he becomes the first defensive player in history to actually catch a shotgun snap from an opposing center and he falls on the ball and we run out the clock, securing the win.

If I actually witnessed a play like that, I'd probably stop watching football because I would then have officially seen everything there ever would be to see in this game.

(funny thing is that I can't quite shake the feeling that he might one day actually do it)
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