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Default Re: Racial diversity in the NHL and other sports (moved posts)

Originally Posted by I_Bleed_Black_And_Gold View Post
I'm from L.A. originally...Then Pittsburgh, Chicago, Gary, and Port Charlotte, FL

I dunno, I guess I just have a weird view on things. To me if a person is qualified to do the task, and they do it well, who cares what color/gender/etc. they are.

I don't care if my surgeon is the first homosexual Chilean open heart surgeon with hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia as long as he saves my life.
I think most people agree with that. I certainly do. Unfortunately not everyone does.

It still doesn't erase the challenges people face. Being unaware of what is going on isn't always a strength.

BTW, what is the meaning of your Obama signature picture?
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