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Default Re: Ravens then Pats is the perfect path

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
Actually, we have an embarrassment of opportunities facing us.

First, we get a chance to oust the Ratbirds and prove once again who the real muscle is in the AFC North.

Second, we could either end up playing the Patsies and beat them in their house which would not only get us a ticket to Dallas but would also serve to get a decade-old monkey off our backs.

Then there's "Door Number Two". The Jets end up winning and we get to have them come to our house and we get a chance for some serious payback for that day in November.

Then after all that, I don't think there's an NFC team that we couldn't dismantle, so the Superbowl would be ripe for the picking and the only real issue we'd have is figuring out how to shove another Lombardi in the trophy case.

All in all, I like what lies ahead no matter how it plays out.

Green Bay looks pretty good to me and Atlanta is pretty good too. I doubt either team would be blown out of the Super Bowl.

Oh and as for the Jets winning, forget it. They were dismantled in Foxborough 45-3.
No way they are going to turn that around in such a short period of time. Rex was shooting his mouth off before that game and he is making the same mistake again, saying Brady doesn't prepare as well as Manning. He's only getting the Pats psyched up again for another beating of the Jets.

Whoever wins the Baltimore Pittsburgh game is going to have to go through the Pats to get to the Super Bowl.
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