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Default Re: KEEP THIS IN MIND!!!

Originally Posted by bobby jr View Post
I think the man's point is well taken about the close games. Look it's not like the Steelers have been blowing everyone they face out of the water the way the Ravens did KC. The Steelers have had some close wins this year. They have a good team but there was some luck involved in having a 12-4 record when you consider those 4 games they were on the verge of losing.
Yeah, cause the Ravens didn't win any close games this the Bills, Steelers, final Bengals game (cause they lost the first one), NE, Houston, Jets, NO...

You need to learn when to keep your thoughts to yourself. I mean, you're good for a chuckle every now and then...but I can't imagine it's that much fun making yourself look like a fool constantly.
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