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Default Re: KEEP THIS IN MIND!!!

Originally Posted by bobby jr View Post
I think the man's point is well taken about the close games. Look it's not like the Steelers have been blowing everyone they face out of the water the way the Ravens did KC. The Steelers have had some close wins this year. They have a good team but there was some luck involved in having a 12-4 record when you consider those 4 games they were on the verge of losing.
Ass clown, Bobby Brown, Bubby Brister, what ever your name is,

I know you suffer from select intelligence but please don't post selective facts moron! You mean like we crushed Cleveland, which you struggled with the week prior. And Cincy in week 17 who was an overthrown pass to a wide open RB or you lose your 5th game. Don't forget the Houston game. How about the Raiders whe we crushed while I sat in the stands. Baltimore has one game, one answer, one moron coach, one moron fan and one Lombardi. And one reason that fact will not change is because of moron fans like you who's football knowledge is not even welcome on your own board. Don't tell me about luck making us 12-4. Luck that Troy made the play of the year. Luck that we are working on #7 while you work on #2. Us Steeler fans spell success by a six pack... you spell it O-N-E... Ok so the league is a fine line, this we know. But all of us are a play or two away from an 8-8 record. At least us good teams. Ratbirds have a bushleague QB. Blue hen with happy feet. Only thing happy in Baltimore on Sunday.
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